The Mission Viejo Elementary Football League

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I’m pretty sure I posted about Quinton’s recent obsession with Football in a prior post or two. If not, let me just say that Quinton has fallen HARD for football and all things about it. It’s to the point where he will actually put down his iPad (gasp) and ask me to turn on a football game when he knows one will be on. If you know Quinton, you know that is not something to take lightly.

Last night on our way to Basketball practice, Quinton was filling me in on all the happenings at Mission Viejo Elementary, like who he is eating lunch with, what he does at recess, etc. I was surprised at the level of detail he went into and the level of excitement he expressed. Let me see if I can summarize:

  • There are 20 teams in the MVEFL, each team with about 10 players. When I asked him how they were able to have that many teams, he said, “Dad, there are a lot of second graders…” Duh…
  • Quinton’s team is in third place having lost two games. The first place teams are tied with no losses.
  • Quinton’s team (the Panthers) had beaten the second place team that day handing them their first loss.
  • Each of the teams has cheerleaders! I asked if they were boys or girls and he rolled his eyes at me and said, “Girls, dad…”
  • Despite the rampant sexism in the school, there are actually girls that are on the teams. Nya is, in fact, the third best player on the Panters. Quinton is the second best player, but Eduardo is the best player…
  • Quinton plays quarterback, and is the second best quarterback in the league. Xavier on the first place team is the best quarterback…
  • Quinton at one point recounted how he caught the game winning touchdown pass. When I asked him how he caught the pass when he was the quarterback, he informed me that he had been injured earlier in the game when some kids tackled him and pinned his right arm underneath him, so he needed a “subitute” (no, that is not a misspelling, that’s what he said), and he went to play wide receiver instead. Ironman football indeed.
  • There is another team in the league called “Cleesand” or some such name. He said it a couple of times after I asked him to repeat it. Then he said, “you know, like the NFL team, Cleesand.” I asked him if he meant “Cleveland” and he said yes, that was it…

I hope that CTE doesn’t run rampant in that league like it is in all other hard nose football leagues like that!

Written by Brandon Grady
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