Mireille's Birthday!

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Mireille on her Fourth Birthday

Our little girl turned four!!! This was a pretty special birthday for us. It’s the first one we got to celebrate with her! We have sent her gifts for each birthday in the Congo, but I’m pretty sure she hated all of those gifts. It was a weird thing - it’s very expensive to send stuff to the Congo, so we would just send one of our agency’s lawyers money and ask them to purchase something local for her. Then they would give it to her and send us pictures. One year they got her this really creepy looking doll and she looked like she would rather play with mud than with that doll!

This year was more successful. She has been to some birthday parties and has expressed a desire to have her own birthday. She really wanted to open presents, mainly.

Her birthday fell on a Friday, so it was not one of her days to go to preschool. She and Jenny did their normal stuff. When we all got home, we had to go get Jenny’s packet for her race she was doing on Saturday, then we went out to eat at Bull and Bush, which is really more a present for me than for anybody else, but their food is good! After that we came home to open presents and have cake. As soon as she walked in the door she ran to the presents and opened one immediately, which doesn’t work great for our family photographer, Jenny. Staging wasn’t right! We luckily convinced her to move to the table where we could video and properly capture the moment.

Here’s a video of her opening her gifts.

Here’s another video of her and Quinton playing in her new house!

We are throwing her a big party next weekend with some people that we know, complete with Bounce House (if we can get it to work properly). Tune in later for a recap of that!

Written by Brandon Grady
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