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After five days of adult vacation in New Orleans, Jenny and I were happy to be back with our kids, and probably a bit surprised that five days wasn’t quite enough to really decompress! Things went back to normal very quickly.

Mirielle gas been constantly about three things - now, trick or treating, and the party that she was going to yesterday. The snow things is pretty funny. I seem to remember her not liking it very much when it showed up last spring, but just about every day she will ask us, very seriously, “snow coming?” I think she mainly wants to wear her snow boots that she found in her closet. Having a girl is weird!

The other things she’s been doing quite a bit is going around the house carrying her new trick-or-treat bag, holding it up to one of us and saying “Trick or Treat!” She then waits for you to put candy in it which she will promptly eat. I have no idea where she learned of trick or treating, but I have a feeling she is going to enjoy it once it comes around in a few weeks!

Lastly, she has proven to be quite adept at costing me time. Whether it is dumping water all over, getting food out of the cupboards, or plugging up the toilet, there is constantly work to be done once she has time for mayhem. Last weekend she took a bunch of marbles into our bedroom, removed the sink drain plug, then filled the drain up with said marbles. That was a fun one to deal with!

A fun project for dad

Yesterday, she was invited to a party in Littleton. She talked about the party for three days, and yesterday morning she was repeating something or other about the party from the time she got up. “It’s party day, right?” Quinton and I drove along with them because it was far away, but then took off to do “man stuff” while Mireille and Jenny did gymnastics. I asked Quin what he wanted to do while we were away, and his response made me so proud. He said, “How about we go somewhere and watch the Bronco game?” I took that to mean he wanted to check out a local brewery and watch the Bronco game, which we did. I’m so proud!

Quinton Chooses Wisely

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