Mireille the Magician

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Quick one today. I need to document this, because it cracks me up. Lately Mireille has been doing magic tricks. Yes, you read that correctly - my four year old knows how to do magic tricks. Well, she knows a single trick, but she’s OK at it, and is working at it and trying to perfect it.

What she does is she takes an item and puts it in her hand. Then she asks you to pick which hand it is in. When you do, she shows you, and typically it is in that hand. Then she will try to distract you while she puts the object in her pocket. Then the routine starts over - pick a hand… This time she’ll open both, and lo and behold, it’s gone. She’ll even proclaim, “It gone!”

I will try to get video of it for posterity. Fun week ahead of us - next week is fall break, so we’re going to Colorado Springs and staying in a hotel with a pool. Hopefully much fun posting from there.

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