New Driver Out There

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As of Monday, June 26, the world has a new driver. Ethan passed his driver’s test last Friday and made it official with the DMV (and our insurance agent) on Monday. It was actually a nice thing today. It’s Bike to Work day here in Denver, so I rode my bike in. About 2 miles from home, one of my tires popped, and I didn’t have a repair kit with me. It was 7:00, but since he now has a license, I was able to save a marriage by having the 16 year old come and pick me up so I could repair the tire and continue on to work. Already that insurance money is paying dividends!!!

The bathroom is finally on the brink of completion. Tonight I will finish up the caulk and install the shower head and it will be DONE!!! Of course, there is no rest for the wicked - we’ve already started our backyard deck project. Ethan and Quinton collaborated to dig the post holes and we poured the concrete last weekend. Never a dull moment in the Grady house!

Written by Brandon Grady
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