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I have been using the same external keyboard for my last three Macs, an excellent little Bluetooth keyboard from Logitech called the Logitech K810. It’s meant to be a keyboard for a Windows machine, but it works perfectly well for my Mac as well as my various iDevices.

This morning when I came in to start working for the day, I found the keyboard had lost its mind! None of the keys worked properly. When I’d press Alt (which I have mapped to Command), it would turn the volume up. If I tried the Alt on the right side of the space bar, it would bring up the Print dialog. Things just weren’t quite right.

I spent the better part of an hour researching, un-pairing, re-pairing, rebooting the computer, all to no avail. I was resigned to going out and purchasing a new keyboard - this one is about 5 years old afterall. After lunch, however, I decided to give it one more go, this time on a full charge. Alas, it was still doing the same thing. I decided to search one more time on the internet and came across this article which has rendered my beloved keyboard usable once again!


As a shortcut, here’s what the post instructed me to do, which worked.

  • Unpair the device (don’t just disconnect, you have to actually remove it from your Bluetooth settings)
  • I restarted the device at this point, but I don’t know that was necessary.
  • Enter the key sequence Esc-o Esc-o Esc-b on the unpaired keyboard.
  • The bluetooth pairing lights will blink a couple of times quickly.
  • Now re-pair the keyboard to your computer, and viola, it works again!

Thanks to Richi for figuring this out and posting it for the rest of us! I’m now doing my part to bring this to others.

Written by Brandon Grady
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