So Long GPs

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Today we parted ways with our furry friends Zazu and Odin (or as Mireille would spell it, Oddainn - I don’t know why). They were fun little pets that kept me company while I worked with their squeals, foot falls, and very much so their smell…

Zazu joined us I think 5 years ago already. Quinton really wanted a pet - he wanted a dog. We convinced him that a guinea pig would be better. He was young enough at the time that he believed us! And for awhile, they were buddies.

Odin came to us after Quinton replaced Zazu with his new pet, Dexter. Mireille was furious that Quinton had a dog and she did not, so we again convinced her that a guinea pig was an acceptable alternative. Quinton then allowed her to “adopt” Zazu since he now had a bigger friend to hang with. And for awhile, they were buddies.

Over time, both of my little gentlemen became my pets. I fed them in the morning, gave them veggies from time to time, held them once in awhile, and primarily cleaned their cage, something that took up to an hour once weekly.

After me complaining for probably the 50th time about cleaning them, Jenny finally convinced me that it was OK to send them to a new home. I was resistant, but even Mireille was on board with the plan. So I posted pictures on NextDoor, and within hours, their new mom contacted me and arranged a time to come over to visit later that afternoon. She spent about 30 minutes with them and agreed that they would go live with her. She was planning on coming back the next day with her truck to load up all the stuff, but after an hour she texted and said she was too excited to wait. So she came back about 30 minutes later with her truck and loaded up my little friends and their gear and took them to their new home…

After getting them home, the new guardian of the GPs sent some pics and videos of them in their new environment. They looked like they would be in good hands, provided that little dog didn’t decide to play with one of them too much!

So, the GPs are gone. It’s definitely been strange to get used to, but one that that hasn’t been difficult to get used to is the better air quality in my office! I also enjoy having an extra hour or more a week. I’m sure I will use that wisely and won’t use it just to doom scroll on the internet or play video games!

My Little Gentlemen

Written by Brandon Grady
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