Best Mother So Far

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One of the best parts of being a parent, in my estimation, is watching my kids’ sense of humor develop. Early on, it’s at once fun and annoying to watch them try new things out and see what type of reaction they get. The annoying part comes with things like the constant use of the word “diarhea” that Mireille currently thinks is funny. The fun part, though, is seeing Ethan tell his grandmother, who had recently burst a blood vessel in her eye, that she could potentially remediate it with a quick trip to the Halloween Store.

Lately I have two good examples from two of my children. The first was from Mireille, though I suspect this wasn’t intentional. At school, one of the toys they have access to is a 3d printer. Her class was given access to the 3d printer to make something for their mothers for Mother’s Day. This is what Mireille created!

Best Mother

The second example is from Ethan, who has done a pretty good job of developing his comedic chops. For Jenny’s birthday, which coincided with Father’s Day, Ethan agreed to stay with Mireille and Quinton so that Jenny and I could go to the mountains with adults for the weekend! On Sunday morning, this was the text exchange that I had with Ethan.

Happy Father's Day

I’m so proud…

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