5 Years Old

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My baby is 5 years old! This year’s birthday was particularly fun. Not only was he really looking forward to his birthday, but he was looking forward to his parties as well. So far Ethan’s had 2 parties. The first was on his birthday, last Wednesday. We had the Abholds, the Witte’s, and the Kelchen’s over for supper and cake. Ethan loved all of his presents he got there. Then, last weekend, we went up to Minneapolis to have a joint birthday party for Ethan and Bryce with the Grady’s. Also very fun. Jenny and I bought him a Rescue Hero Hyperjet, which is this huge carrier ship looking toy that Ethan loves. He loves it so much that we had to put it in the van and cart it all over the midwest this weekend!

Grandpa and Grandma Grady secured a new motorcycle for Ethan. They got it from a friend of theirs whose son had outgrown it. Of course, we are just “borrowing” it as Teddy wants it back when we are done. Ethan was very excited about the motorcycle initially, but his enthusiasm quickly faded when he realized he couldn’t quite ride it yet. I’m trying to get him outside on his bicycle more often to teach him how to balance better, so hopefully he’ll be more excited about it soon.

One more party to go. We’re having 4 boys over to the house this weekend for a birthday bash. So far we know we are going to open presents and have cake. Beyond that, I’m not sure what we’re going to do. Some sort of game, probably… I’ll post pictures.

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