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We took our annual trip to Wisconsin Dells last weekend. We met the Hupperts, friends of ours from Seattle who now live in Baldwin, WI, at the Wilderness Resort for the evening. Ted and Sue have two little boys, Teddy, who is 3.5, and Charlie, who is 1.5. Ethan had a very good time with Teddy this time. He gets along with kids younger than him very well. Ethan is getting braver and braver as he gets older, but he is still a bit scared of certain things. He had no problems going down all of the kids' slides, even the big ones. I was even able to get him to go on a family tube ride one time. It was pretty dark inside the ride, though. After the ride he told me, “that wasn’t so scary.” So I asked if he wanted to go again, to which he promptly replied “No!” It was a fun weekend.

Ethan continues to be very curious and seems to be learning quite a bit at school. We pass a lake on the way to daycare on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and in lake there is an island. He tells me that it is the “Galapagos Island.” He also told me today that hermit crabs are nocturnal, meaning they “sleep during the day and are awake at night.” He then parlayed that into asking if he could maybe get a “hermit lobster” someday.

Tonight was a big event for Ethan. It was the first time he rode a two-wheeler bike by himself. He got it in his head that he wanted to ride a two wheeler, so he made me take off the training wheels, and off he rode. He didn’t even want me to hold the bike up while he got started, but after a few failed attempts he conceded that he might need a little help. He can go about 20 feet or so before he falls down. Now he wants to practice each night.

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