6 Feet of Air

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Ethan belongs to the ski club at school. Last week we went skiing for the first time this year. Since Alpine is close to some friends of ours, we were able to meet up with them and their two kids, one of which, Justin, is Ethan’s age.

Justin and Ethan were having a blast! Justin snow boards, but Ethan skied. Of course, as soon as he saw Justin snow boarding, he immediately wanted to try that. Jenny tried to convince him that he would want to do that prior to us going, but he didn’t want to until he saw Justin doing it…

They spent most of the day in the terrain park. Jenny, Jeff, and I hung out with them when they would allow us, but we were by far the oldest people in the terrain park by double or more! Jeff said he likes to get the kids in the terrain park because it enhances their vocabulary. Indeed… I’ll give Ethan credit - even though he lacks in style or skill, he has no fear on the hill. He was taking every jump he could take. Him and Justin would brag to each other about how much air they got and if they “landed it.” Ethan proclaimed that he “must have had 6 feet of air” at one point. Below is video proof of the feat.

TODO: See if I can get the video to work!!!

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