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Wow, it’s been a long time again! I hope to post multiple times this week to get caught up. So much to talk about!

Well, it started a few weeks ago with Quin getting sick. The sickness eventually spread throughout the house but Quin got it first. The poor guy was just listless, throwing up, no fever, but sick. Every time he threw up over the course of several hours he just did it over the bucket, no crying or anything. He was fine the next day, but now he constantly tells us that he’s going to go “throw up.”

Several days earlier (or later, I can’t remember), we were repainting Ethan’s room. We’re actually redoing both boys' rooms with new beds and the lot. One night when Jenny had finished painting, she put Quin to bed, left one of the roller trays to dry, then went downstairs to clean up the brushes. Apparently little sweety decided to help out as when I got home from my cub scout meeting I found a little treat on the wall, trim, and carpet. He had gotten out of bed, taken one of the clean brushes and used it to apply some of the drying paint in the roller try to the “wall.”

More to come…

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