Another Christmas Program

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Ethan had a second Christmas program this year, this time at his old school (daycare). At the daycare Christmas program, you can only watch your child sing because there just isn’t room for everybody to be in the LMR (large muscle room) at the same time.

Anyway, after Ethan’s portion of the program was done, we joined him, his classmates, and their parents in his room, the 4 1/2 year old room for cookies and punch. Ethan was sitting next to Jenna Weinfurt, who we’ve heard in the past, was his “girl.” Jenny and I got to talking to Jenna’s mom, who claimed that Jenna had told her that Ethan was her boyfriend. As those two were sitting next to each other, Jenna’s mom decided it would make a cute picture, so she positioned herself across from the two of them and focused her camera and tried to get their attention. Jenna looked right away, ready to have her picture taken, but Ethan was interested in something else (what, I do not know, but it must have been on the floor because that was where he was looking). After several unsuccessful attempts at getting his attention, Jenna looked at him and said, sternly, “Ethan!” Immediately his head popped up and he smiled for the camera, for what I assume was an adorable picture. I guess this behavior either is instinctual, or it starts very, very early.

Written by Brandon Grady
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