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Wow, has my son turned into a little snot all of a sudden. If this is what it’s like to have teen-agers, I want no part of it. I know, I know, those are much worse! I’m not sure what happened, but since I picked him up from school today he has been quite a little snot. He started by informing me that I’m not the boss, and that he didn’t like me anymore. I asked him why, and he told me that he didn’t like the things I said to him…

“What things?” I asked.

“Those things with all the words,” he responded.

“Like what words?” I implored.

“Things like ‘go to bed,’ and ‘eat your food,’ and stuff like that,” he replied.

Right now he’s up in bed because he didn’t want to accept my authority and eat his food. Wait, maybe we do say those things too much. Isn’t that what parents are supposed to do, though?

That aside, we had a very nice New Year’s this year. Ethan came with us to a party at my friend Bert’s house. He made it all the way until midnight and celebrated with us, then rewarded us by sleeping until after 9:00 the next morning, so we all got some sleep…

Written by Brandon Grady
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