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Neither Jenny nor I are very good about creating content for a baby book. In fact, I know I could not tell you where either of my children’s baby books are - perhaps in the top of our closet collecting dust. To capture memories, though, I’ve turned to this ‘blog. It worked out pretty well with Ethan so far, and Quinton has been no different. This post, then, is going to be some quick hitters to get into Quinton’s virtual baby book.

I really enjoy age three for some reasons, and really detest it for others. Most of the 3 year olds I know are some of the funniest people you could ever hold a conversation with. Quin is no exception. The other day Jenny bought a new swimming suit as she’s prone to do from time to time. She brought it home and tried it on. While looking herself over in the mirror, Quin came into the room, looked at her, and said to her, “Mommy, you look fancy.”

Quin is quite a lady’s man, from many perspectives. For one, he’s never shy about telling us about the girls he likes. He’ll see what I would consider an attractive young lady walking past and loudly say, “Hi!!” to her until she responded. If he gets a little extra attention from her, he’ll put his hands on either side of my face (so I can hear him better) and tell me, “I like that girl!” He’ll do the same thing with women on television. Another example is at Ethan’s baseball games. A couple of weeks ago, one of Ethan’s teammate’s sisters decided she was going to play soccer with Quin for like an hour (God bless her!). She’s about 12 years old, and Quin had a blast with her. Last Thursday, then, we were at another park playing on the playground equipment while Jenny watched the game (we have to take turns). I had convinced Quin that we should go sit by mommy for awhile so I could take in some of the game. He agreed in principal and started to follow me when he spotted his playmate from the previous week. He stopped short, got my attention and said, “daddy, wait here, I have to say hi to that girl,” after which he immediately walked over to her, said hi, and started playing with her again.

It doesn’t end there, however. Quin is quite smitten with pink. He also likes to dress in Jenny’s high heels and sunglasses while carrying around one of her pretty purses. He gets mad at her if she takes the purse away, complaining that “I had it first!”

In the last two days he’s been particularly enamored with pink and princesses, though I suspect the sudden surge in interest has more to do with what he did yesterday than some new trend. Yesterday morning we were up north for our 20th class reunion. We went out to Jenny’s folk’s house to drop off some cargo and Jenny’s sister and her two boys were there. Emmet is 4 and learned to ride a 2 wheel bike this year. Grandpa had found one of the older grandkid’s bikes, and pink princess bike, and lowered the seat so he could ride it. Emmet was so excited that he had to show Quin right away. I was inside, glancing out once in awhile, and I noticed that Quin was striding the bicycle and trying to push himself off. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, I rushed outside, held the bike for him, pushed him off, and away he went! Unbelievably he was able to ride for quite awhile before crashing into the grass. Each time he would fall down he would want to get up and try it again! Emmet got a little upset, so we had to take turns, but Quin insisted on taking his turn. I took this video as proof - I’m not sure I still believe it.

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