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A couple of weeks ago I ran a Webelos Scout Camp for Ethan and his Cub Scout cohorts (I know, the scouts are an intolerant bunch, but that doesn’t have to affect Ethan’s learning - let’s keep this among adults, shall we). The camp was pretty enjoyable - the boys were tasked with setting up the tents and camp themselves, had to take part in meal prep and cleanup, etc. Part of each camp is doing some kind of craft. After observing how crazy the kids went for this Indian neck thing they made at the winter camp, I thought it would be fun to do some kind of craft where the kids could make something and take it home with them - something they could wear. I came across “Paracord Survival Bracelets” through my searching, which turned out to be right up their alley. A week or so before the camp, I practiced by making one for myself, then I showed Ethan how to do it. After about 5 minutes he had picked it up, and about 10 - 15 bracelets later, he had decided that he was going into business!

So - if you find yourself heading down here for the party this coming weekend, please don’t be surprised if Ethan attempts to peddle his wares on you. His business is making survival bracelets, obviously. For $5 you can get up to a 9 inch premade bracelet. For an extra dollar, he’ll make it custom for you on the spot, specially fit for your wrist! I am interested to see if he actually follows through with it, because he’s been talking about it for weeks now. His goal is to earn enough money to buy a laptop, his latest obsession. When I asked him what his company would be called, without missing a beat he proclaimed “E-biz.” He then went out to explain what that meant to me, which was pretty funny…

Anyway, we hope to see you at this very special occasion this coming weekend. And we apologize up front if our first born tries to weasel you out of some of your money. Laptops aren’t cheap, you know!!!

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