Cub Scout Camp

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Cub Scout Camp

Last week, Ethan and I attended Cub Scout day camp for our second year. This year we went on the 3 day camp. Camp started at 9:00 AM and went until 4:00 PM. Besides the mosquitoes, it was a bona-fide blast for both of us. Ethan was able to do all sorts of different activities, including archery (which is is very good at), mini-golf (which he is not so good at), highlander games, knight’s quest, etc. For me, it was a good opportunity for me to see Ethan interact with other kids and adults and how he did in the different physical and social situations. Let me tell you, if you ever find yourself annoyed at your child, spend some time with other people’s children - like 18 of them. You will quickly appreciate your own!

Ethan proved very adept at archery, and we got do shoot each day we were there. He also very much enjoyed the castle out of which his group was based. I was very proud of the fact that he tested into the “swimmers” category, the highest category at camp. To do this, he had to swim 6 laps in the lake swim area on his front, then 2 on his back. Only 2 other kids in his group tested that high! Guess those YMCA lessons are paying off.

The camp is themed for the different years in scouts. Wolf scouts are the Pirates and do their activities around a pirate ship. Their leader is Captain Chris. Bear scouts, which is Ethan’s group, are the Knights and are based out of the castle. Their leader was Sir Jim. Webelos are miners (as well as minors) and are based out of the mine. Their leader was Miner Mikey. The staff was outstanding and kept the kids engaged at all times. At one point Ethan assured me that he was going to stay in scouts until he received his Eagle. I would love if he would stick with it that long…

At closing of the second day, the heads of each of the groups declared that for the last day, the kids could shed their costumes and wear regular clothes just like the leaders. The leaders, incidentally, wore clothing matching their role - so Captain Chris wore a pirate outfit, etc. When they said that, Ethan was just about vibrating with excitement. Dressing up in costumes is one of his favorite things in the world. We spent about two hours the rest of the night preparing our costumes, him as a knight and me as a miner. The next morning he could not wait to get to camp! By 7:30 he was already asking me if it was time to go yet. When we finally got to camp at 8:45, he was disappointed to find out that not all kids shared his enthusiasm. In fact, only about 3 of the 80 kids at camp dressed up at all, and I was the only adult… He made me very proud, though, and stuck with his costume throughout the day. His biggest worry coming into the day was that his costume would not be the coolest. At the end of the day, however, he was convinced that his was, indeed, the coolest costume.

Miscellaneous Updates

Quinton has discovered that he likes to drive the vehicles that Grandpa and Grandma Grady bought for Ethan some years back. What is surprising is that he is actually able to drive them to some extent! Invariably he ends up in the weeds and somebody has to turn him around, but he definitely knows how to make them go.

He is starting to say more and more words. He says “bye bye” regularly now and waves. He is very goofy sometimes… When I first see him after work, he gets a big smile on his face and runs up to me, seemingly to give me a hug. When he is almost to me, he stops, bends over, pretends to pick something up off the ground, then hands it to me… Not quite sure what he’s doing there. He has also been prone lately to spin around in circles for several seconds until he falls down from dizziness.

I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t think of it right now. Hopefully Jenny will read this and remind me of what I’ve missed.

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