Kissing Cousins

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Kissing Cousins

These pictures are from awhile ago, but I thought they were cute enough to post anyway!!! This is a picture of Quinton kissing his cousin. Man, he’s really going for it! OK, they are second cousins once removed, or third cousins or something (you’d have to ask Blaine for the exact designation), so that’s probably OK in most You can tell they are from awhile ago as they were for Jodi’s baby shower - and they’ve already had the baby!!! Man, I just don’t ‘blog enough…

Swimming at the Lake

Jenny and I participated in a triathlon two weekends ago. My parents came down to watch the boys while we were out punishing our bodies (thanks mom and dad). The festivities took place in a state park, so we purchased a state park sticker. Since we purchased the sticker, we’ve decided we should try to get our money’s worth from it - so to make a long introduction a bit longer, we’ve been going to the state parks in the area all week this week. On Tuesday, Jenny has her tennis league, so it’s just me and the boys for the evening. Last night was warmer and sunny, so we decided to go to the state park and hit the beach. Quin just loved the water. I couldn’t keep him out of it. He first found some puddles towards the top of the beach where he played for quite awhile. Until, that is, he realized there was a BIG puddle not too far away (the lake). Once he got there I couldn’t get him out of there! He just loves the water. He makes me kind of nervous, though, since he has absolutely no fear of, and also no coordination in the water. Eventually he found a way to get around without falling in the water and swallowing a stomach full…

The funniest part of this story is the contrast between the boys taking a trip to the lake alone and taking a trip with mom in tow. When we went to the lake last night, we all put our swimming suits on at home, went to the lake, swam, then remembered that we needed a towel - luckily there was one in the van. We all used the same towel, dried off, went home, and went to bed. Tonight we did the same trip, this time with mom. When Ethan and I got home from work and camp, there was a picnic supper packed, extra clothes, four towels, garbage bags for our refuse, I could go on. Let’s just say there are differences between trips that dad plans and those that mom does…

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Quinton has been serenading us with his lovely singing voice lately. We’ve been shocked lately to hear a very recognizable rendition of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” or it could be the alphabet song… The words aren’t that clear, but the tune is spot on. He is already a better singer than Jenny!

Remote Control Car

A week or two ago, I got Ethan’s remote control out and we played with it in the driveway. Ethan and I were having a blast, but Quinton didn’t like it so much… He spent the entire 30 minutes we played with it on my lap clinging for dear life. Strange what kids will be afraid of.

Marley and Me

A week ago, Ethan and I watched the movie “Marley and Me” while Jenny was gone for a night out with the girls. It is a basic movie about life, family, and the family pet, Marley. If you just looked at the title and watched casually, you would think that the movie is actually about a dog and its owner. If you are an attentive and perceptive viewer, however, like Ethan, you might just take away a different message from the movie. The message Ethan took away from it was quite intuitive. Towards the end of the movie, Ethan says to me, “Dad, do you want grandchildren?” I said, “of course.” He replied, “Well, you better hope Quin has some then, because I’m never going to.” When I asked him why, he told me, “because kids ruin your life.” Apparently the message he took away from the movie was that being young and married with a dog is a blast and you get to “make out” all the time. Once you have kids, though, your life is over and you don’t even get to “make out” anymore… Very perceptive, indeed.

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