Happy Memorial Day!

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We had the opportunity to travel to Spread Eagle, WI near Iron Mountain, MI for Memorial Day this year. A friend of ours works for a company that owns a “cabin” on a lake up there, which they allow their employees to rent by the week during the year. When say cabin, I mean a 5 bedroom, 4000 square foot, modern home that is situated on a lake up north. So we joined 3 other families up there for the weekend.

For some reason, the whole day leading up to our travel up there, Quin couldn’t stop talking about going fishing! He kept asking when we were going to go fishing. The drive was over 4 hours to get up there, but he kept asking. Once we were up there, he did just that. Not the first day, but on Saturday he fished, and fished, and fished. He was completely slaying the fish around the pier. Each time he dropped his hook in the water a fish would bite. In fact, I didn’t really get an opportunity to fish at all because Quin kept reeling them in so fast. When we were getting ready to leave this morning, he was still fishing, and just as we were about to put the fishing poles away, he cast one last time and caught a big bass, the biggest of the trip!

On Sunday morning, the kids, our friend Tim, and I were down on the pier emptying the fishing boat of the rain water that had collected the night prior. Quin and Ethan were messing around with some canoe paddles, and Quin of course dropped on in the lake, out of reach from anybody on the pier. Ethan declared that the only way to get it would be to swim after it! Being a reasonable adult, I told him to not do that and that I would get it with the canoe, which I started to do. Apparently Ethan took that as a challenge, obtained an inner-tube, then got in it, fully clothed, and raced me to the paddle. Meanwhile, Quin was sitting on a bench on the pier, which I told him he had to do until I retrieved the paddle, kind of a punishment. He saw Ethan in the water, and apparently was overcome with the notion of being in the water. The next thing I knew he was flying through the air, fleece jacket and all, into the water! Officially I was angry at him, but secretly I was laughing hysterically at both of them. Yeah, their clothes were all wet, but they sure were having a good time despite their old fuddy duddy of a dad!

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