Quinny the Spy

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Quin and I were at home together the other day - I can’t remember why. Jenny and Ethan were out somewhere, I think to get Ethan a haircut. We opened the garage and heard something flying around in there. Before long, Quin had spotted the culprit - a bird had gotten itself stuck in the garage. He was having a hard time finding his way out, and Quin was enthralled! I went into the house and started putting things away from my day’s work.

Quin came in a couple of minutes later and asked for some juice, which I gave him, and he took it outside with him to watch the bird some more. After awhile, Ethan came home, and Quin came inside and asked for something else to drink. I asked him where his juice was, but he didn’t know. So I told him he had to find his other juice before I would give him another one. Well, he couldn’t find it - and after awhile, I couldn’t either. In fact, I was getting a little upset at him, and he could tell, so he told me, “I think the birdie took it.” I rolled my eyes, thinking he was just messing with me and was hiding it. After a few minutes, we went outside to look in the garage together. Quin looked up and saw the bird, and said very sincerely, “he doesn’t have it!” I’m pretty sure he really believed that the bird had taken it!

After looking for a few more minutes, Quin told me that we should call a spy to come and help us find it, because that’s what spies do, “right dad?” I have no idea where he comes up with this stuff, but the whole exchange cracked me up…

Written by Brandon Grady
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