Is that a Baby Ruth?

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I was traveling to Atlanta this past week, so Jenny and the boys were by themselves for three days! It sounded like things were going pretty well, for the most part, until I was in the Hartfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta awaiting my boarding call to return home to Milwaukee. That was when I received a call from Ethan. “Dad,” he said, “what do you do when Quin poops in the bathtub?” You see, I am the poop cleaner in our house. If it manages to get into a diaper or into the toilet, Jenny has no issue dealing with it. If, on the other hand, it ends up somewhere outside the “norm,” that’s when dad the poopman steps in. Unfortunately, the poopman was 700 miles away and wouldn’t be back in time to take care of this situation.

When I arrived home, I asked Jenny how she managed the log. She said she just forced it down the drain. Unfortunately it was so big, she had to use a toothbrush to help force it down! When Ethan heard this he asked in horror, “Whose toothbrush did you use, mine???” I’m glad to see my talents are still in demand around this house!

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