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Quin is starting to talk quite a bit. I’m happy to say that he is finally speaking in sentences! Of course, most, if not all of his sentences are just telling us no to different things that we want him to do. “No ni-ni.” “No eat.” “No Bath!” I guess you have to start somewhere!

The other day, Ethan, Quin, and I were out to eat and had some time to burn before we went to swimming lessons, so we went to Best Buy. We walked in past the DVDs. I was looking at the Weeds Season 5 DVD with Marie Louise Parker on the front - Quin pointed at the cover and said, “Mommy!” I thought that was pretty nice, because even though she’s older than Jenny, she’s quite good looking. We then progressed further down the aisle when Quin picked out another movie where he pointed at Brad Pitt and said, “Daddy.” Smart boy!

We went to the pet expo down at State Fair Park yesterday. We aren’t really in the market right now for a dog, but we thought we’d start looking… Ethan has fallen in love with the Boston Terrier breed. Who knows what will happen ultimately, but it was fun to have the kids interacting with dogs again…

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