It's the best state fair...

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Last week, Quin got to partake in his first State Fair. He “fared” pretty well, though I’m not sure it was entirely his cup of tea just yet. Ethan had a blast, at least for the most part. We started out by getting a wrist band and going on the rides. This is really the first year where Ethan was ready to go on the “big kids” rides. Unfortunately we were there with Micky and her kids, and they aren’t quite ready. Not to worry, we split up for an hour and allowed Ethan to go on several rides by himself, and he had a blast. He even got to go on the bumper cars while I talked with a couple of Chicago guys waiting for their kids. The only things he was not able to go on were the rides that had a 52 inch height limit. Apparently he isn’t quite 50 inches yet. Guess the NBA isn’t necessarily in his future!

After the rides, we grabbed some dinner then went through the animal barns, like you are supposed to at the State Fair! Ethan’s definitely a city boy. He was amazed that the cows would poop wherever they were. He also told me that this goat had its udders in the wrong place! Then there were the “racing sheep” that had blankets on them. To be honest, I suppose they could have been racing sheep for all I know. I don’t know why they where those blankets!

Quin is doing very well now-a-days. He is now able to roll in both directions, which sounds great in theory, but is a bit of a pain in reality. This means that he is mobile, to a certain degree. I placed him on the floor in our living room the other day and went into the kitchen for something. When I returned some minutes later, he had migrated to the other end of the floor and was playing with the coffee table! I just can’t wait until he can crawl or walk!

The last few nights, Quin has treated us with full nights of sleep! 10 hours minimum for 3 nights straight! Let’s hope I haven’t jinxed it by writing about it!

Written by Brandon Grady
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