Where the hell did they put them?

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Time is flying by. Quin is starting to get more and more independent, which is nice as he was being a bit clingy for awhile there. He is very good at rolling and can sometimes even roll from his back to his stomach. His latest trick is to stay in a seated position if we put him in one to start with. He’s also reaching for toys and other things that are out of reach, which I’m told is a developmental milestone. So way to go, Quin.

Ethan has had a couple of funny situations in the last few days. First, we were over at Tony and Michelle’s, Ethan’s aunt and uncle’s for a birthday party. Many of Jenny’s family members were outside being eaten by mosquitoes and playing cornhole, when a policeman pulled into the driveway. Apparently a 911 call was made from a cell phone at this address, so they were coming to check it out. Well, I guess Tony’s sister knew the guy, so she invited him in to look at Tony’s shed. While he was touring the place, Ethan came up to me and said, “Dad, it’s cool to have a cop at your party, don’t you think?” I told him he probably won’t think so in 9-10 years…

Fast forward to yesterday (that sounds kind of funny, doesn’t it?), Ethan had some friends over the day prior to play Wii and look at Ethan’s new Bakugon - a Pokemon knockoff. One of his friends apparently asked if he could keep one of his characters, but Ethan said no. Well, yesterday Ethan was looking for his little guys and could not find them. He immediately assumed that one of his buddies took it. He became suddenly obsessed with finding the toy, looking all over the upstairs. After about 5 minutes of furious looking, he said loudly, “where the hell did they put them?” After my initial shock, I calmly told him that that word was not appropriate for kids to say. He seemed to accept that, but called us out on using those words… Guess it’s time to start watching our language again.

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