Kickles and Hillbillies

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Of course my wife reminded me of some things I forgot… If only she knew how to blog!

The other day Ethan and I were driving to Soccer when we passed a section of road we frequently pass. On one side of the road is a pretty steep, tree-covered hill with a couple of houses on top. Ethan asked me, matter of factly, if the people living there were hillbillies. To be honest, I was laughing to myself, but calmly collected myself before explaining that they were not hillbillies. I was a little surprised that I was unable to come up with a really good description of a hillbilly without referencing Deliverance…

Not sure if I mentioned this one or not yet, but it deserves a repeat if I have not. A few months back, Jenny’s nephew invited us to his apartment to dinner with his two kids. His oldest is about a year older than Ethan. The two of them get along very well. While they were eating, Matthew asked Ethan if he wanted to play cards after dinner. Intrigued, one of the adults (there were many, so I can’t remember who it was) asked him what type of card games he liked to play. He answered, “you know, five card stud, Texas Hold ‘em, those kind of games. My grandma taught me how to play them. Ethan looked at him and said, very matter of factly, “My grandma taught me how to crochet.”

I also forgot a couple of cute things Quin has done in the past months. He doesn’t do it so much anymore, but about a month ago, we were reading a book to him called Fishy Kisses and Gorilla Hugs. Jenny taught him to do both, so he was going around giving everybody fishy kisses with his mouth pursed and moving… He still gives them on occasion, but not quite as much as he did a month ago.

He also loves to be tickled. He pronounces it “kickle.” He’ll raise his shirt and stand by you saying, “kickle” until you tickle his belly. One day he was playing with a toy dinosaur, complete with growling dinosaur roars. At one point, he took the dinosaur and put him on my stomach and said, in a growly dinosaur voice, “kickle, kickle.”

Lastly, Quin has been using the potty lately as well! Well, I guess he’s not really using it. He stands by the toilet and asks me to put him on there, pants on and all. He’ll sit there for a minute or two, smiling, then grab the roll of toilet paper, take a few pieces (I help him to only take a few pieces), then pretend to wipe his butt. When he gets done wiping his butt, he takes the same piece out from behind him and wipes his face… Not sure where he saw that one. I can only assume Jenny does that.

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