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Happy New Year! In the name of New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve resolved to blog on a more regular basis this year! I’ve found that blogging is nice on several levels. It allows people who care to follow along with what is going on with our lives (or ignore it, which is nice as well). This is important right now since my parents have moved to Arizona for the remainder of this winter and will be grandchild starved for 3 months! But more than that, it allows us to go back years later and see what we were doing now.

I’ve been putting off an update for a long time now. At first it was innocent enough - just didn’t have time. Soon it started to feed itself, though. I kept thinking of how much had happened since my last update, and thinking that I’d never get it all into a post. The more I thought about it, the more I dreaded doing another update for fear of leaving something out. I’ve finally decided to take a stand and to post what I think of at the time, knowing that my family will remind me of the things I’ve forgotten.

Quinton has been growing up quite a bit in the last few months. Physically he has grown into a full blown toddler. I don’t recall if he was in a toddler bed as of the last posting, but he is. It all happened because he kept climbing out of his crib and falling down, waking him up. The transition to the toddler bed has been a difficult one, but we have it under relative control at this time. For the first few weeks it seemed much worse than when he was an infant getting up three times a night. I think we got used to getting pretty regular, long periods of sleep, and being torn from that made me quite cranky! Anyway, with the help of The Supernanny, we are now back to where we were at several weeks before he started crawling out of his crib, which is to say that we can put him down to bed awake and he will fall asleep, and he will stay in his room most of the night, even if he wakes up - he has started getting up earlier for some reason, but we’ll deal with that as time goes by.

Quin has also started to become more and more vocal. I would say he’s a bit behind where Ethan was at this age, but he is definitely starting to roll! Each day he learns new words, though many of them are used incorrectly and most of them are hard to pick out.

His favorite word is “no,” which is not as bad as it might sound. No is to Quin like Aloha is to the Polynesians - it has several meanings. The only way to know what he’s really saying is to listen to the inflection of the word. For example, “No,” said with force and cross eyes really means no. “No,” said in a sing-song way with a smile generally means “yes.” Confusing? Yes, but I suppose that’s what it is to be a parent…

Quin has recently started to show a genuine love of books. He will pick up a book, hand it to either one of us (or any adult, really), and say “Book!” He then sits on the floor and patiently waits for you to read to him. He won’t sit through the entire book, though he’ll be interested longer if you make funny noises while reading the book!

One of Quin’s better qualities is his courtesy. He learned “Thank You” several weeks ago and uses it in the correct context almost all the time. Today we were at our friend’s house ice skating. Quin was struggling to get going on the ice, so our friend Tim helped him to move in the right direction. Quin immediately said “dit dyu,” which translates to “thank you.”

Quin’s had a couple of sicknesses in the last month, but recently he’s been feeling quite well. So well, in fact, that he appears to have no end to his appetite. He eats and tries to eat pretty much every waking hour. Two nights ago, I put Quin down to bed and came downstairs to take a shower. When I got out of the shower, I found Quin in the kitchen helping himself to some Cheerios. Jenny said she thought it was me eating, and was confulsed why I hadn’t responded when she asked me something…

Perhaps one of the most challenging things about Quin right now is to deal with his love of water. He loves all things water. He loves to be in the pool, go down waterslides, he puts his face in the water, he loves baths… He also loves to drink water. Lots of water. And he doesn’t wait for us to get it for him either. We have the misfortune of having a refridgerator with ice and water in the door. It is old enough that it does not have a lock on those devices. Quin figured out how to run these long ago. He has recently discovered all the different things he can put under the water dispenser to fill. If there is a glass available, he will fill it up and start to drink from it. If there isn’t a glass, he’ll go into the tupperware cupboard and fill up one of those containers. He has recently tried to fill some of his cup-like toys with water. The only problem with that is that some of them have holes in the bottom! When he is done drinking the water, he starts pouring it from one container to the next, and eventually will dump it on the floor. He will generally attempt to clean this up, but that usually ends up making more of a mess than the water itself…

Of course Quin is growing by leaps and bounds, so there’s lots of things to write about him right now. Ethan is moving right along as well, though there’s not that much interesting to write about him. One encounter with him was pretty funny, though. A week or two ago, Ethan was sitting in the car waiting to go somewhere. I put Quin in the car and said something like, “Whew, something smells bad. Ethan, did you poop your pants?” Typical dad humor, and generally Ethan plays along. This time, however, Ethan pulled a new one on me. He said, “Dad, why do you always say that to me? That’s insulting.” I was kind of shocked - I’d never heard that word from him and was surprised to hear it in the right context, so I asked him what he meant by that. He said, “You are always accusing me of doing things that you know I wouldn’t do, but that Quinton would.” I couldn’t do anything by apologize and to stop insulting him!

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