My Mac is actually a Slot Machine!!!

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The other day, Jenny wanted me to burn a DVD for her to give to a person at church. I told her no problem, grabbed a blank DVD which I promptly attempted to insert into my Mac superdrive. I was somewhat surprised to find that I could not put the DVD into the drive, however. The computer did not say there was anything in the drive… Quite strange, I thought. I suppose that there could be a disc in there that the OS didn’t know about somehow, a computer glitch. So I went to “the Google” and researched how to force the Mac DVD drive to eject. Having found my solution, I executed it according to instructions. The drive whined and made that mechanical eject noise, but no DVD appeared.

So I did what anybody would have done, I grabbed a letter opener and jammed it into my Mac’s drive. OK, maybe a dumb idea, particularly with the power still on, but I’m not always the brightest. I was surprised that at one end of the drive my letter opener met resistance, and that resistance moved when I prodded it. So I unplugged the computer (finally coming to my senses) and continued my surgery. My efforts were quickly rewarded when a nickel and 2 pennies dropped from the drive! I wonder who could have put those in there? I suppose it’s possible that the computer is actually now making money…

Well, the story didn’t entirely end there. I was now able to put a disc into the drive, but it would not read. By now I suspected there was probably more in the drive, so I unplugged again and this time tipped the machine on its side when another penny and a quarter dropped out!!! In short, my computer somehow generated 33 cents for me.

In the old days, I would have quipped that this was a result of one of my sons wanting to play a video game on the computer - but in today’s terms, putting any sort of coin into anything is quaint - so I really have no idea what would have led Quinton (yeah, I’m pretty sure it was him) to try to put money in this location…

Written by Brandon Grady
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