Quin's First Movie

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Cars 2 is out! We’ve been waiting for awhile for this event as I had unofficially earmarked it as the first movie I would attempt to take Quinton to. I’m happy to report that there was nothing out of the ordinary that happened… Yeah, boring blog post, but I’ll take it. I’d say he was as good as, if not a little better than Ethan when we took him to his first movie (I don’t recall which movie that was right now).

One nice side bar of the first movie story was that I got to enjoy a rare treat this morning. Since the movie started at 6:45, Quin didn’t get to sleep until about 9:30 last night, so I had the vary rare pleasure of waking him up this morning! Ah, payback. I can’t wait until he’s a teenager - I plan to wake him up every weekend for at least 3 years!!!

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