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My relationship with my oldest son seems to be changing quite rapidly of late. This morning after getting out of the shower I noticed a can of Axe body spray sitting on the sink intended for me.

Let me rewind a little bit - over the past couple of months it has become evident to us that we had “the stinky kid” in school. Ethan would get into the car, or just walk near us, and you could certainly tell he was there! Not wanting to be the parents with the stinky kid in school, we racked our brains to fix the problem. We tried buying him deodorant, we tried making him scrub extra hard on his every other day shower, but nothing seemed to really be working. Finally, fed up, Jenny laid down the law and mandated daily showers along with a strict regiment of male fragrances. He was resistant at first, but eventually he came around, so now he is a daily showerer.

Fast forward to the Tuesday, Jenny went out and purchased Ethan a bottle of Axe body spray, Dark Temptation variety. For some reason unknown to me (perhaps I am the stinky guy at work), she also purchased a bottle for me, but got me the Fever scent. Over dinner last night, Ethan and I were discussing the finer points of wearing our different scents. He really enjoys his, as do all the guys in his class (the girls are less impressed, apparently) while I was not a big fan of “The Fever.” So Ethan agreed to let me try his Dark Temptation the next day, which is today. He made sure he gave me detailed instructions of where to spray it and in what quantities. “No more than a second or a second and a half. Like this.” At which time he mimed spraying the fragrance on his chest and stomach…

Ah, puberty is going to be fun. Where did my little baby go?

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