Skype with Mireille

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We got to Skype with Mireille this morning. It’s always bittersweet talking with her. On the one hand, you want to make sure you keep in touch so she at least has some sort of connection, but on another hand it just sort of hurts to talk with her. When we talk with her, we are reminded of the situation that we’re in, whereas other times we can sort of ignore it.

She’s getting so big! Apparently she talks a lot, which I witnessed when I was there in February, but we still don’t see it when we Skype. She’s shy. If she does ever come here, we’re definitely going to have to learn some Lingala. I’ve started a bit, but it’s difficult. So far I know:

  • I love you (Nalingeo)
  • Tree (Nzete)
  • Hello (Mbote)

I think I also learned house, but I can’t remember it right now. Time to do some more Memrise.

Here are some of the recent pictures that we’ve gotten.




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