Colorado Adventure Series - Snow Mountain Ranch Day 4

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Day 4

Today started out much the same as the last. I got up “early” and headed out for a quick run around the campus. The main difference today was that Ethan decided he would come with me! He’s training for soccer and was supposed to run 5 miles over the weekend. He decided that 3.2 at 9000 feet was a rough equivalent of 5 at 5280, which I’m inclined to agree with.

After the run, I ran over to the cafeteria to meet Jenny and Mireille who were eating. We had one last free breakfast voucher that we didn’t want to waste. Quinton decided he didn’t want breakfast… Until breakfast was over, that is, then it suddenly became important to him. Jenny wanted Starbucks anyway, so he and I drove into Granby and grabbed some things.

We had a 10:30 archery appointment and had about 30 minutes to burn, so of course, we played some more mini-golf!!! Honestly, I’m not sure what we’re going to do without a mini-golf course readily available to us all the time once we are back home.

After a few quick holes, we walked over to the archery range behind the library. Our instructor gave us a few instructions on how to shoot, how to select your dominant eye, and the like, then Quinton, Ethan, and I proceeded to fire arrows (mostly) at targets for the next hour. Some shots were more successful than others. This picture shows a particularly errant shot on Quinton’s part.

Quinton Misses the Target by a Bit

After archery, our time at Snow Mountain Ranch was at a close. We did stop for a couple of beers and some hot dogs in Winter Park on the way home. The Hideaway Park Brewery treated us to some good brews and good soda options as well. It was “hot” by lunch time, so the kids were a little cranky, but as normal, when you introduce a couple of beers into the equation, Jenny and I were able to weather the grumbles more easily than normal.

Brewery on the Way Back Home

Winter Park Moose

As mountain adventures go, this one was memorable and fun! We will most definitely do another vacation like this, either here at Snow Mountain Ranch or one of the other YMCA of the Rockies campuses. If you haven’t visited one of them, I encourage you to do so!!!

Written by Brandon Grady
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