Apparently all my kids are naughty! In the online world, dealing with bullies and hate speech is constantly a topic. It’s very easy in an anonymized world to pop off to people in ways that you might not if you were in the same room. Quinton has shown us that for years, though he was pretty inventive about it. At one point, I think he had 5 or 6 different free email addresses that he would use to sign back up for services that he got banned from because he was bullying or harassing people.

Hey Mo!

Jenny’s been looking at robot vacuum cleaners for awhile. Strangely, I’ve been against them. I’m not sure what it was about them, but I didn’t think they would be able to handle our floors. Our first floor has a mixture of wood and high pile carpet along with rugs and the like - I just figured a robot vacuum would struggle. Then my brother bought one. Rocky, his robot’s name, is a fixture in his house now, and from what I can tell, is doing a serviceable job on his new hard floors!

Best Mother So Far

One of the best parts of being a parent, in my estimation, is watching my kids’ sense of humor develop. Early on, it’s at once fun and annoying to watch them try new things out and see what type of reaction they get. The annoying part comes with things like the constant use of the word “diarhea” that Mireille currently thinks is funny. The fun part, though, is seeing Ethan tell his grandmother, who had recently burst a blood vessel in her eye, that she could potentially remediate it with a quick trip to the Halloween Store.

So Long GPs

Today we parted ways with our furry friends Zazu and Odin (or as Mireille would spell it, Oddainn - I don’t know why). They were fun little pets that kept me company while I worked with their squeals, foot falls, and very much so their smell… Zazu joined us I think 5 years ago already. Quinton really wanted a pet - he wanted a dog. We convinced him that a guinea pig would be better.


Hair is really important to my daughter. This is something I learned early on in her life with us. When she came to us from Congo, she had extensions in her hair and, though she coudln’t say anything in English, she conveyed very clearly that she liked them. She wasn’t very happy when we took them out a few days later (well, she wasn’t very happy about anything, really). Over the years, she has been very vocal about wanting long hair and the types of things she would do with it.

Catching up

It’s been a minute… Today, Bryce introduced me to a friend of his that is planning an RV trip. Rather than just answering a bunch of questions, I pointed him to this blog, which caused me to go back and re-read it, which reminded me how much fun it was to have these things written down. So here we are. Well, what’s happened… Oh, I got laid off! Yeah, the great startup experiment didn’t go the way I had hoped.

Ozark - Season 2022 - Wrap it up

And, that’s a wrap! We managed to get out of there a little before 8:00 on Friday morning and traveled straight back to where we came from. The drive was gloriously boring and uneventful. We stopped one time to get food at a Burger King near Topeka, but other than that, it was a more or less straight shot west on 70. Strangely, the winds of Kansas seemed to switch direction in the week we were gone, so they were in our face the whole way back just like the trip there.

Ozark - Season 2022 - The Cave

Two of the families had to leave on Friday morning, so it was just the Chovanecs and Gradys for Friday! Given the smaller group, we decided to do some excursions since logistics would be easier. Of course, we still couldn’t all fit in a single car… Damn big families! After seeing off the other two families, and after some breakfast leftovers, we headed out towards Bridal Cave, a cave about 15 miles away.

Ozark - Season 2022 - Jenny's Birthday

Thursday! The last full day for some as they were leaving for various weekend commitments. It also happened to be Jenny’s birthday! There was nothing much on the docket for Thursday, so you guessed it, we did a bit of swimming, drinking, and eating. The week was punishingly hot and muggy for those of us that live in the high desert in Colorado, so we did take plenty of breaks in the very cold, air conditioned house to play games.

Ozark - Season 2022 - Dan's Birthday

Wednesday (I think, it started to get fuzzy in the middle there) was more of the same. We needed to get the boat back to Pirate Petes by 9:00 AM, so Micky, Jenny, and I took off around 7:30 to transist the 27 miles of water between our cabin and there. It was a lovely drive and we really didn’t see a boat to speak of! I think I had to deal with a wake one time when we passed a pontoon going the opposite direction.