Ethan the Triathlete

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This past weekend was the Pewaukee Sprint Triathlon. I ran in this event last year along with a team that we had assembled known as “Big Sky Multisport.” We had our own jerseys and a whole bunch of people. Ethan was so impressed when he came to watch! He wanted to be “on my team.”

This year we did it again, and they have a kid’s event. So I ordered Ethan a jersey and he competed in the kid’s triathlon. Well, it was actually a duathlon this year since we’ve had so much rain this summer that the lake where we swim is closed with algae problems… At any rate, Ethan is now offiially a Big Sky Multisport member.

When I first gave Ethan his jersey, he wore it everywhere! Of course, the jerseys are made of some sort of moisture absorbing, space-age material or something, and they don’t always agree with the wearer’s body parts. After Ethan wore his for awhile, his nipples started to get very sore. So before his race on Saturday, he asked me to put some band-aids over his nipples so the shirt wouldn’t irritate them. They worked like a charm, but he forgot to take off the band-aids when he got home, then went to a friend’s house to go swimming. His friend’s mom told me that she knew quite a bit more about Ethan’s nipples than she ever wanted to know.

Quin’s doing very well, also. Jenny and I had to get up early this morning for our race (at 4:30) and it was my night to get up with Quin. I was very happy when I woke up at 4:30 and found that I hadn’t been interrupted in my sleep the past night! He may not sleep through the night consistently, but he seems to know when it’s imperative to do so. He’s also added the raspberry sound to his ramblings, which is pretty funny.

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